Hello, thanks for joining me on my website. I started this site back in 2014 with the hope of documenting some of my more thrilling life experiences and during that time I’ve learned a few things about blogging and now my hope is to expand it into something much more. Eventually I want this to be a space where someone can come to be entertained by my life stories, the latest news in my life and also where someone can come to learn from my experience in social media marketing. So strap in because you are in for a wild and weird ride you’ll never forget.

My name is Bryce Thomas a life long resident of the Salt Lake Valley in Utah.  I grew up playing basketball with my friends in the Jr. Jazz basketball program and even had a small stint playing football.  After one season I found that I didn’t have the heart for football and my true passion for music emerged playing the piano, trombone and eventually guitar. When I was about 8 years old my mom signed me up for piano lessons and I initially hated going because I had to practice while my friends were playing outside. It was like torture sitting there everyday pressing the keys of a cheap electronic keyboard playing these nursery rhyme songs but things started to change when I was introduced to a style music I thought was cool. My teacher bought me a piano book called the fundamentals of Jazz and Blues and when heard the sweet sound of a minor 7th chord I was hooked. That moment changed my outlook on music and for some reason it all just clicked. Soon I understood how music worked and how different pieces could come together to make art. Music became a passion that consumed my teenage years and much of my early 20’s.

My plan was after I graduated from high school I would go on a mission for my church and once I returned I would attend University of Utah and become a music major. I was called to the Houston Texas Mission to serve full time for two years. Looking back on those two years now I think about just how little I knew about anything. My whole life had revolved around my favorite bands and learning new music but in the course of a couple months I was sitting in the living room’s of strangers trying to sort out life’s most difficult questions. I felt unprepared for the entire time I was away but it was a great experience nonetheless. During the last few month of my mission I got accepted to the University of Utah and was excited to attend class in the upcoming fall semester, but what I didn’t realize is that going to college costs a lot of money which I was entirely unprepared for. Coming home I got a job working for