Welcome to my own personal space on the world wide web. I decided to start a blog back in the summer of 2014 because I look at blogs all day. I’m not joking, I really look at blogs all day at my job. I work for an online marketing company on the link building team. One day I thought, “hey, I’m an interesting person and it would be fun to share my life experience with the world.” So here I am writing to you.

My grand hope for this site is that my kids, grandkids, and future generations will be able to easily access my life. That I can become an influence in their life long after I’m gone. My other hope for this blog is so I can have a place to store all the funny things that happen in my life. One of my favorite writers/entertainers is David Sedaris. We share a dry sense of humor and the way he writes is hilarious. If you haven’t heard him read one of his essays I’d recommend looking him up. You wont be disappointed, and if you are disappointed you may not have a sense of humor. Like Mr. Sedaris I hope to be able to collect enough stories to perform and write like he does.

So I’m glad you’re here and hope you have a great time following my blog.


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